When You Need to Book a Water Damage Restoration Service Provider

Without immediate action, water can spread through floors, walls and ceiling, softening the building materials and damaging the structural integrity. Additionally, mold spreads quickly in humid environment, which can cause serious health problems. Learn how to spot those problems by looking for signs of water damage in your home.

Humidity Dampness

A damp countertop or wall can indicate humidity problem in your home. Also, in case you have trouble getting your bathroom fully dry after a shower or difficulty maintaining a cool temperature in a room, then you may have to find a water damage restoration service provider and have the professionals inspect your home for hidden leaks.

Strange Noises

Even though most hidden leaks are imperceptible, it won’t hurt to turn off the radio, TV and other noise, and listen closely, every once in a while. If water is running through your walls and floors, you will hear a scratching, rushing or dripping sound.

Strange Odor

Musty smell is one of the signs that you have mold. If you use air fresheners or scented cleaning products, try without them for a full day. In some cases, you will be able to detect the source of the issue by following the smell.


Water and mold can cause dark spots on the walls, furniture, carpeting, or anything that has been affected. Look for stains, discolored furniture and cracks inside corners, as wall as changes in the colors of the carpets or the wall paint. In case you see any of those signs, hire a reliable water damage restoration service provider. Mold can cause property damage and some serious health problems.

Water Drips or Puddles

The presence of water under a sink or around a toilet is an obvious sign of water damage. Try to find the source of the leak and stop it as soon as possible. Even if the problem is resolved, you still need to check your home for water damage.

Even though those signs will help you determine whether you have issues or not, you shouldn’t count on them alone. Experienced water damage restoration service providers use special equipment and tools to detect and fix leaks. Sunrise Carpet Cleaning and Janitorial is one of the most dependable companies in Hayward, CA. You can call (510) 582-0387 to get more information and book an appointment.