Not Sure What to Look for in a Professional Water Restoration Service?

How to Hire a Professional Water Damage Restoration Service

Having to deal with water damage is not something which tops any homeowner’s to do list, but it is necessary. To take the stress out of dealing with this job, we at Sunrise Carpet Cleaning and Janitorial based in Hayward, CA, have provided some helpful tips to hiring a professional water damage restoration service to get the job done for you.

water damage restoration tips by Sunrise Carpet Cleaning and JanitorialObtain referrals.
Check with family members, friends and neighbors for any names of restoration companies they are able to recommend. Best thing is finding a service which someone you know has used previously. You could also obtain these from your insurance company or a local builder’s association.

Decide on a price.
Make sure to have a minimum of three companies, this will enable you to compare prices. Ask them how they charge their fees, hourly or by each job and if they have a minimum cost. What will they ask for emergency services? Do they want a deposit first, and what are their payment schedules? Never pay in full until you are satisfied with the end result.

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