Not Sure If You Should Clean Your Carpet or Not?

Carpet Cleaning Service Tips and Advice

Carpet Cleaning Service Care Tips
Whilst regular carpet cleaning performed by professionals is a necessity to make sure your carpet has a long and healthy life, extra care and maintenance on the homeowners part does help. The correct care and maintenance of a carpet does extend its life and preserve its appearance for longer. Failure to take the proper care will result in premature wear and tear. Also, a clean carpet does contribute to a healthier environment.

Useful Tips and Advice

  • carpet cleaning tips by Sunrise Carpet Cleaning and JanitorialAt a pinch, homeowners can make their own spot remover by using a 1/4 of a teaspoon of liquid detergent and a cup cold water.
  • Over time, stain resistant carpet wears out. For maximum performance, have the stain resistant layer regularly applied right after cleaning.
  • Stain-resistant contrary to popular belief does not mean stain proof. Always act immediately to stop any spots and spills from doing permanent damage.
  • Household furniture gathers dust and dirt everyday the same as a carpet. For convenience, why not have them both professionally cleaned by a carpet cleaning service at the same time.
  • Vacuum regularly and thoroughly. Most wearing of carpets is due to dirt. Oily soils will attract more and regular vacuuming will reduce this build up.
  • Act quickly with stains, 99% of stains can be removed if they are cleaned within a few days. The longer a stain is left to react with a carpet the harder it is to remove.
  • Test a carpet before scrubbing, or spotting. Every carpet is different. Some are sensitive to acid cleaners and lose their color quickly. Other carpets are sensitive to alkali based cleaners.
  • Use the right spotters beginning with the gentlest. Never use a harsh spotting agent unless it is absolutely necessary, and neutralize high alkaline or acid cleaners immediately after use.

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